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Alhamdulillah is the first to launch the latest hijab innovations direct from Jordan. Designed and produced in Jordan by Aroub Hijab Co, we are currently selling 4 designs: Asma, Al-Aroub, Lubna and Al-Hour.

These are hijabs as you’ve never seen them before! Each has its own very unique design. Not only are they made from the finest material, each one can be wrapped in different ways to suit your mood, taste, and occasion! Al-Aroub and Lubna are totally pin free and yet very secure.

Do something different for 2005 and be the first to try this new look. Don't just take our word for it, Click the images below to see these creative inventions and for more details.

One piece of extra lightweight Chivon-Lycra available in several colours.
One piece of Chivon-Lycra available in several colours and patterns, attached to a Chivon or Chivon-Lycra shawl.

Hat and rectangular chivon shawl available in bright colours.
Hat and scarf, can be tied together in a knot or by using pins or a broche.

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